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St Helens Parish Council 35 years


The Parish Council was first formed in 1986 so is 35 years old this year.


In 1985 it was agreed that St Helens should have a Parish Council and in 1986 the first Parish Council was elected with a proper election being held!  Here are the people elected - top row Mick Dove, David Savory, Charlie Wines, Roy Toogood ; bottom Row Roy Hollis, Barbara Dyer, Paul Whitehall, Bill Bayley. David Savory, Roy Hollis and Bill Bayley had been members of the old St Helens Association which had looked after village affairs prior to the Parish Council.  That means that 2021 is the 35th Year that the Village has had a PC - quite a record - and over the years many local men and women have served the village so they all deserve our thanks!




Newsletter February 2021


Read our latest newsletter in the archive section. You may find more interesting documents there.


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St Helens Heritage Trail project, funded by Down to the Coast, nears completion following delays caused by the Pandemic, and includes details of historic events, famous residents and local characters, and remembers the part the local railway played in the village.


Parish Chairman John Coleman said 'We were working with the local school, church and Historical Association, when the pandemic frustrated plans, but hopefully we can launch the initiative in the coming months'.


Vice Chairman Joost Spit added 'The Brading-Bembridge Branch line had major influences on the local area, and also    linked with the Duver, and the marine industry, especially during the war'. The project also includes reference to the local fort, local sports, such as the Golf Course, and the episodes of Dr Who filmed nearby.


Cllr Coleman concluded 'We appreciate the support given by Down to the Coast, and the local residents who have                                                                               helped with the project'. 




and more Parish Council news

St Helens Parish Council agreed to keep the Parish Precept at £58.35 for a band D property, for the 3rd year in succession, and secured savings to enable the maintenance of services in 2021-22.

Chairman John Coleman said 'This is a difficult time for families, facing increased IW Council Tax and Police charges, and we wanted to maintain service provision without any increase in cost to residents'.

                                                                     The Parish Council provide mechanised beach cleaning and recycling facilities on the Duver, maintain upgraded public                                                                        toilets on the Duver, fund maintenance of the Greens and provision of a meadow, and support community initiatives.


                                                                      Vice Chairman Joost Spit added 'We have been able to improve our website, to enable more information about the                                                                              work of the Parish, and include the proactive approach we have taken to planning proposals, especially major                                                                                      developments'.

                                                                      Cllr Coleman concluded 'Hopefully, things will improve in the coming months, and the investments made will benefit                                                                            residents, and visitors if they are able to visit, and this will include Seaside Award recognising the efforts we have                                                                                made to improve the public realm'.



Storm Damage/Debris Beach Area St Helens/Bembridge


A clearance of debris was conducted recently in the vicinity of Bembridge Point Beach  by a team from the  Harbour Authority.

During the two recent storms, the sand/soil wall surrounding the ex-Bennett’s compound has been heavily affected by waves.  The frontage where the gate leads out onto the beach has eroded, and as such the fence footings have given way, as has part of the perimeter Heras fencing, which was lined with razor wire.

                                                                       All metal materials have been removed from the beach into the yard area and stacked ready for waste collection .

                                                                       A full walk of the beach was also done up to Bembridge Sailing Club, and any other man-made debris collected up                                                                               and  removed. The area surrounding the Bennett’s old yard will be regularly monitored for any further debris                                                                                         disturbance caused by erosion, and managed accordingly. Please take extra care on the beach and let Fiona or                                                                                   Gordon at the Harbour Authority know if you find anything untoward:

                                                                       office@bembridgeharbour.co.uk  01983 872828





The Bay Support Network, set up to help vulnerable residents during the pandemic, have secured funding to help provide hampers for homes across the Bay, from Shanklin around to St Helens, working with schools plus local Town and Parish Councils.


St Helen's Chairman John Coleman said 'The Parish recognised that this year has been a really challenging year for families, and we've been able find funds to help families, working with the local school to ensure the best use of our resources'.


Support has been provided to Sandown CE, Gatten & Lake, St Blasius CE, Broadlea, Newchurch and St Helens Primary Schools, with over 200 'hampers 4 homes' delivered through the schools.


Cabinet member for Children Services Paul Brading added 'We are really grateful that Community Groups, like the volunteers in the Bay, have supported the Island Community, and funding from the IW Council  has enabled groups to further help families at this special  time of the year'.


Sandown and Shanklin Town Councils, working with Lake, St Helens and Newchurch Parish Councils have allocated funding, matched by the IW Council Connect4communities programme to maximise the help provided.


 Cllr Coleman concluded 'It has been heartening to see the community come together to help others in these most                                                                                difficult of times - Town and Parishes make their limited resources go a long way with initiatives such as                                                                                                Hampers4Homes'.



Find our Annual Return, Internal Audit and End of Year Accounts 2019-2020 in the finance section.




Planning System Consultation


The Parish Council has responded to the changes on the planning system. You can find and download the documents here on the public notices page.





Island High Sheriff, Mrs Caroline Peel, St Helens Parish Chairman John Coleman and Cllr Victoria Duckett laid wreaths at St Helens War Memorial to mark the Centenary of the Memorial and honour the sacrifices made by local residents made in both World Wars and other conflicts.


The memorial, set in the Lynch Gate was built as the Great War Memorial and designed by Mr E Caws, and constructed by Mr H A Coombes; and dedicated in September 1920 by the Rural Dean of West Wight Rev Hugh le Fleming.


Mrs Peel said 'In this difficult of times, it is important that we honour and respect the memory of those that made the ultimate sacrifice: my family are included on local memorials, and there is a special memorial in the Priory which has personal significance'.


Cllr Coleman added 'We had planned to mark the Centenary with a project with the local school, but due to Covid 19 constraints this may be something we need to revisit in 2021'.


The Church is a listed building and also includes plaques to individual service personnel, including Lieutenant Ronald Palmer who captained the England Rugby Football team in 1914, before serving in Belgium.


Cllr Duckett concluded 'We hope to complete Parish Heritage Walk which will include the Commonwealth war Graves, and the local Memorials, as recognition of the major events involving the village and local residents through the generations'. 




Helpline Number       (01983)-823600


This helpline number is available to support the Island’s most vulnerable residents affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) self-isolation measures.


People who do not have a local network of friends or family to support them while they are self-isolating or social distancing can call (01983) 823600 (seven days a week, 9am-5pm).








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